Ikhtareen Town

Ikhtareen town and its countryside are now completely secure and free of mines due to the huge efforts made by the SMAC team.

The corruption mad by ISIS forces in the areas that have been under its control is clear to everyone, these areas were currently taken under the control of the Free Syrian Army, especially areas in Aleppo countryside. ISIS forces committed a lot of brutal crimes one of the worst is that they planted mines all over the areas, which caused a lot of civilians injuries and deaths.

In Ikhtareen town, located in the Izaz city in the north to Aleppo, and which was recently taken under the control of the Free Syrian Army after defeating ISIS there, 400 landmines were found.

The landmines were planted in the civilians’ houses, the public facilities, parks, schools and farmlands. The operation team in SMAC organization had started its job to clear the area of mines and their risks and in the 26th of January 2017 announced lkhtareen town completely clear and secure of mines.

Adnan Hasa, head of the operation team in SMAC organization said: “we received a lot of calls and notifications from the local council and the civilians to inform us about the existence of mines in their homes and lands, through the clearing operations we faced many types of mines such as (Dousa and Adasa), but we were able to deal with them even though we have limited capacity. We found mines in the civilians’ houses, schools and governmental centers but we were able to reach ( “Talaleen and Sunbul” areas in lktareen) to bring safety back to the city.

Mr. Adnan confirmed that the teams were working regularly for almost a month to clear the city and its countryside from all kinds of mines and remnants of war that were planted by ISIS forces before leaving the city. Mr. Adnan also added ” The operations lasted until we were able to identify all the areas that were planted and the we unactivated them all”. The head of the public services in SMAC team confirmed that civilians can finally return to their homes and their normal lives safely and without any risk of exposure to pollution, and that people today can have a safe and stable life in lkhtareen city.

He also noted the civil working groups, and organizations to go to Ikhtareen and to work there in order to contribute in making a sustainable development.

It is worth to be mentioned that the mines are one of the most dangerous remnants of the remnants of war that world can know, and that its most dangerous damage can happen to the children who do not realize its danger when they face it, especially when they play in the farms in the countryside areas.

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