Aleppo governorate

83 %
Raised: $100,000 / $120,000
Campaign Duration: 1748 Days

Aleppo governorate is located in the North of Syria. SMAC has its head office located in this governorate. This office supervises the operations of all other offices in all Syrian governorates and the clearance teams in Aleppo governorate itself. It manages all the work in all the places.

The SMAC teams, such as the mines clearance and the unexploded rockets teams, work in Aleppo and its countryside since the beginning of the year 2014.

Many mines fields, with many unexploded rockets, mortar missiles, and cluster bombs, which were implanted during the military operations around some regions such as Mennagh village, were removed.

The teams also operates in Byanoun in the northern countryside of Aleppo, where many mines fields implanted around civilians’ farms, were dismantled, and many of the antipersonnel mines were removed.

Hretan, in the northern countryside of Aleppo, is another place in which SMAC teams are operating in. Many gaz cylinders, which is similar to the mines, thrown by the helicopter planes were dismantled.

Many regions in the northern countryside of Aleppo are covered by our teams’ service such as: Marea and the villages around it, in which SMAC dismantled thousands of mines.

SMAC also operates in the eastern countryside, Alraee, Jarabulus, and the newly liberated from the ISIS ( Daesh) villages, as the ISIS left behind hundreds of thousands of the mines implemented in all cities parts such as the houses, the streets, and the farms.

In Aleppo city SMAC also has a main office which helps civilians of the besieged Aleppo to overcome the problems of the unexploded chlorine barrels and the other unexploded rockets and missiles.

Other teams in Aleppo western countryside are operating in many places such as: Kafr Naha, Ourem Alkubra, and Khan Alaasal.