Idleb governorate

89 %
Raised: $125,412 / $140,000
Campaign Duration: 1748 Days

Idleb governorate is located in the North of Syria. SMAC has a main center in this governorate that operates on supervising, implementing, and managing the clearance team. SMAC teams works to clean polluted places implemented with mines and ERW found as well as unexploded bombs and cluster bombs.

Wadi Aldeif (the guest valley) is one of Idleb regions. SMAC operates in this region since the Syrian regime forces exited from the region and surrounding villages. This region includes hundreds of thousands of Russian antipersonnel and anti-mechanisms mines .A lot of these mines were removed during the last two years and the work is still continuous.

It is important to now that also the rapid response department operate too in Idleb governorate and its surrounding villages.

SMAC departments works in many other governorate such as Maarret Alnoman, Jabal Alzawie, and Khan Sheikhoun. The teams operates as shift patrols to meet the rapid needs of the targeted regions with missiles, the unexploded rockets, and the cluster bombs remnants.